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Idyllwind is a true picture of everything that I am about - built for the everyday girl who is also a badass! A brand based on loving who you are - being who you are - being comfortable in your skin - and celebrating that at whatever age or size.

It’s built around comfortable, soft, affordable, great fitting clothes and boots, that I call my trusties. Clothes I know I can always put on and feel good wearing. A brand that creates the emotion and sentiment of going out in the world and being brave.

When we started thinking about ways to tell our Idyllwind story, I was inspired by the idea of celebrating the type of women who inspired me every day.

Women who own who they are and are making their mark.

These Boss Ladies take risks and fiercely break the mold. In their boots, they have a story to tell.

I would love to see y’all’s Boss Lady moments in Idyllwind. Share your “In These Boots I... (fill in the blank)” story with me! #Idyllwind

Every pair of boots tells a story. Let’s write yours together.