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Darlington Court Fringe Crossbody Bag

Style: IWASP22HB1
Item Number: 2000359419

Sale price $59.50 Regular price
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  • Turquoise leather material
  • Tiered suede fringe details
  • Top zip closure
  • Adjustable crossbody strap
  • Imported
Darlington Court Fringe Crossbody Bag Sale price $59.50 Regular price

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Love the bag. However, the strap is way too long. The shortest hole dropped the bag to my hips (I’m 5’4). I had to punch some holes in the strap to shorten it for cross body and shoulder carry which leaves a long strip of un-used strap. I tucked the extra strap into the metal strap ring but I need to take it to someone to cut it to the proper length and stitch it up. I’ve found this to be a problem with another bag I have. Hoping this isn’t becoming the norm as I do not want to have to mutilate more gorgeous bags so that I can carry them in the proper position!

Love the color..exactly as pictured!!

Everything about this purse is awesome..especially the fringe!!


The Darlington Fringe Crossbody was adorable! Perfect size, great suede…fringe was fun and sassy…great zipper, and strap. When the first one arrived, the odor was very strong. It wasn’t the great smell of suede or leather… because I love those aromas… but rather a very pungent chemical odor. It literally stunk up the entire room. I loved the purse and thought that with it being out of the box and plastic bag the smell would go away or at least neutralize but no such luck. I even hung it outside in the fresh air to see if that would help, but unfortunately, the strong odor remained. I retuned it and had a great experience with customer service (Katlyn assisted me…OUTSTANDING and efficient customer experience!!). I received a new one… and if still had that awful odor…however this one wasn’t as strong as the original purchase. I kept it a few days to see if the odor would minimize but again, no luck. I returned it yesterday. I was told that it could have been the spray protectant that is applied to the purse. Just sad…because it was perfect in every other way!