Idyllwind Eau De Parfum by Miranda Lambert

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Music connects us on a spiritual level. Scents, in many ways, do the same thing. This fragrance combines some of my favorite things; Georgia’s sweet peach blossoms, southern magnolias, and musky golden sandalwood that remind me of the piney woods of east Texas. 


I love it. I hope you do too,

 XO Miranda


1.7 fl oz. glass bottle
  • Fragrance Notes: Georgia's sweet peach blossoms / southern magnolias / golden sandalwood / citrus / jasmine petals
  • The fragrance mimics the harmonious scent of the piney woods
  • Perfume spray bottle

Customer Reviews

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Kathy G-Nichols
Just right coming from Miranda!

The scent is a gentle, natural sandalwood blend that is not an overwhelming perfumy scent, but subtly pretty. My husband who doesn’t care for perfumes or colognes said it was better than most he’s ever smelled. For a man in his50s who won’t wear cologne, it’s quite a compliment!

Krissy Shelton
Smells great

I was nervous buying a fragrance I haven’t smelled. It was worth it. I can’t describe it just was not disappointed and ware it everyday!